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Tips for a More Consistent Swing

When I get my golf club in my hand, I feel like knocking off the ball’s cover. The feeling of power and force makes me want to hit it as hard as possible. But this doesn’t mean a better game if you’re going for accuracy. One of the most common mistakes made by new players is swinging too hard!! Leading to losing posture and form, and they might not have enough control over those shots.

Professional golfers are always looking for the right balance of accuracy and power. Tensing up when you swing will lead to more errant shots and loss of distance. To get more power with less tension in your muscles, try putting both feet closer together or relaxing when swinging through the ball—this will help provide more power and accuracy!

The right posture is the key to a good swing. It will help if you keep your head and feet aligned throughout the entire motion and will steady your center of gravity. Keep your weight centered on the inside of both legs to maintain an even balance between them while swinging. Focus on contact with the ball as this improves your swing and should allow clean hits every time! After consistent practice, you will develop a smoother, more consistent, and accurate swing, after which you may choose to raise your speed progressively.

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