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Golf Putting Best Posture Secrets

Improving your body posture and stance is one of the quickest methods to enhance your putting game. When it came to putting, Jack Nicklaus was the first great golfer to popularise the practice of placing your gaze right above the ball. Because many golfers find this difficult, it has been advised that a tiny mirror be placed on the green and your golf ball be placed directly on top of the mirror.

Eyes over the ball: To check if your eyes are genuinely over the ball, stand in such a way that you can see your reflection in the mirror. If you can’t see your own eyes, your posture needs to be adjusted. 

Allowing your putter to hang between your eyes and ensuring that the club extends down directly over your golf ball is an easier way. These methods are excellent for establishing appropriate posture and alignment with the hole.

The Position of Your Feet: When it comes to posture, it’s also crucial to consider how you position your feet and how you hold your body. You may be standing too close to the ball if you consistently miss putts to the right. 

Make sure you are standing ideally from the ball if you’re missing to the left. These are not hard and fast laws, but they should be considered when altering your posture.

Shoulders Over Hands: The way your hands hang down from your shoulders is also affected by your foot position. It’s preferable if your hands are directly behind your shoulders. 

This will usually result in a smoother stroke and improved ball direction. The most important thing to remember is to keep your head and body steady while putting. All you have to do is move your arms and hands. There’s nothing else!

Don’t get too wrapped up in the mechanics of your putting. Relax and enjoy yourself. Some people will insist on using sure grips that are said to be superior to others. 

Finding a comfortable grip and experimenting with different postures will eventually lead to an ideal stance. Consider the basic principles for better posture before settling into your most comfortable stance.

Stick to What Works for You: Once you’ve found what works for you, don’t stray from it, even if you’re having a horrible day. Practice until you’ve nailed it. Too many golfers obsess about every minute element of their stance, adjusting it every week and never genuinely settling into a calm posture. 

Remember that having a successful swing and a low score requires a general sense of calm and enjoyment. To properly appreciate the game, you must have a good time out there!

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