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How To Perfect Your Full Golf Swing

Every golfer wishes to have a complete golf swing. You’re aware that a full golf swing is required to get maximum clubhead speed and, thus, distance. But do you know how to do it successfully?

You’ve most likely heard your golf instructor say, “You’re not getting a full golf swing,” but has he informed you how to obtain one? It’s simple to analyse but far more difficult to find a solution until now.

You see, if you don’t have a greater level of golf-specific strength and flexibility, you won’t be able to make a perfect full golf swing. Allow me to emphasise that point once more.

“If you don’t have a greater level of golf-specific strength and flexibility, you won’t be able to complete a full golf swing.”

Let’s have a look at these so-called “requirements” to see if I’m not simply making stuff up.

A complete golf swing consists of a 90-degree shoulder rotation and a 45-degree hip rotation. This is what we see in all of the golf swing analyses.

For the elderly golfer with deteriorating physical ability, achieving the following essential components in your golf posture is nearly impossible.

Are you a member of this group?

Are you a golfer in your 50s or 70s who has lost a lot of yardage off the tee and has seen your scores rise and rise?

If that’s the case, don’t you believe a primary, “at-home” golf performance programme would dramatically increase your body’s ability to make a more significant, even “complete golf swing”?

To do so, you don’t have to hit more balls at the range or take additional lessons. You can take a break from striking balls for a bit while you get your body back in shape.

When you do, you’ll be surprised the next time you go out to practise or play!

You’ll be able to make that full golf swing you’ve always wanted without even thinking about it. Because your body has been properly ‘trained,’ it will do it.

A Quick Tip: To make a proper golf swing, you must focus on your rotational strength and flexibility. This can be done even while sitting in your chair. Reach around the back of your chair and twist your upper body while leaning against the chair with your opposite arm. This is a basic but really powerful rotating stretch that you can do all day.

To develop your physical talents, you don’t need sophisticated, expensive equipment; instead, an essential and effective programme will help you achieve your complete golf swing.

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