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Basic Warming Up For Great Tee Time

Have you ever had those magical days when your body is in peak condition? Nothing is painful. Like a well-oiled machine, you move, swing, and putt. Yes, indeed! It’s incredible! Then there are the days when the machinery groans and grinds like an old rusted tractor. The good news is that by doing a few simple warm-up activities before teeing off, you may look forward to many more of those magical days. Warming up will be your secret weapon for a perfect game.

Before you tee off, do some warm-up exercises. Your physical condition and body’s level of readiness has a direct impact on your golf swing. Given the sedentary habits of many amateur golfers, warming up and stretching before teeing off is essential. A few dynamic exercises, such as forward and backward shoulder rotations, upper body twists, and arm circles, will help to loosen and fluidize your stroke. Knee rotations are an excellent way to loosen up your legs and ankles. Take a few minutes before you hit the green to try out some of these simple workouts. You’ll warm up the muscles and joints that are necessary for golf. Furthermore, you’ll appreciate the ease, relaxation, and looseness with which you play.

Shoulder Rolls: Stand with your arms at your sides in a relaxed upright position and lift your shoulders as high as you can upwards as you inhale. Hold in the up place for a few seconds before moving them down and backwards in a circle. At the bottom of the circle, you’ll feel a tug in your deltoids. Rep 10 times more. In the advancing direction, reverse and repeat ten times.

Upper Body Twists: For this one, you can use one of your clubs as a prop. Hold a golf club with one end in each hand while in standing position with knees slightly bent. Stretch your arms above and behind your head, and place the club shaft right below the base of your neck on the fleshy area of your shoulders. Maintain a neutral arm position about your chest, and keep your eyes fixed front. Slowly rotate your torso until your trunk muscles twist nicely. It will show up in your abdominal and oblique muscles. Hold for 1 second, then release and rotate back through the centre, moving to the right. Hold for a second longer and then reverse—rep for a total of ten times, or as desired.

Arm Circles: Stand tall with your knees slightly bent and your arms relaxed and by your sides at first. Swing your right arm clockwise and your left arm counterclockwise to make backward circles. At the apex of your circle, your hands may overlap. Allow your arms to sweep past your head, brushing your ears. At the bottom of your swing arc, allow your hands to touch the outsides of your legs. Allow your arms and hands to be relaxed and floppy throughout the exercise, releasing any tension. Repin the backwards manner for 20 reps, then switch to the forward direction for another 20 reps. To really push yourself, try swinging both arms in the same rotational direction and see what occurs; for example, try turning both arms counterclockwise and observe how your brain reacts.

Knee Rotations: Stand with your feet together, and your knees slightly bent and perform knee rotations. Rotate clockwise for 20 reps with your hands on your knees. Rep the process in the opposite direction.

The 5 Minute Difference: These basic warm-up exercises only take 5 minutes to complete. You’ll find that they become a pure pleasure and that as you go through your routine, you’ll relish the growing sense of anticipation for a beautiful game. Furthermore, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the ease, fluidity, and consistency of your movements. Here’s to the lowest-scoring, most relaxing rounds of your life!

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