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Alignment – The Most Important Lesson in Golf

When I observe beginner golfers strike the ball, they are frequently misaligned with their intended objective. They usually aim way too far to the right. Because inexperienced players tend to hit the ball with their arms, which causes the ball to drag to the left, they aim to the right. This suggests they’re compensating for a weakness in their swing by just pointing their body to the right rather than correcting the fault itself.

This means that rookie players’ terrible swings cause the ball to go on target, while experienced players’ excellent swings cause the ball to end up in the trees or bunker to the right of the target. As a result, they regard their good shots as awful and their terrible shots as good. If this is the case, the inexperienced golfer will never wish to correct their errors in their swing. They can never attain their full golfing potential unless they address their weaknesses. This is why I consider alignment to be the most crucial golf instruction.

Examine Your Alignment

It would help if you examined your alignment to see whether or not you have swing problems. All you need to do is select a target and perform your standard setup. When you’re ready, place a club at your heels or toes. Then take a 10-step step back from the ball to evaluate where you’re aiming. You have correctly aligned yourself if the club you placed at your toes or heels is parallel left of your true aim. You are misaligned if the club on the ground points to the right of your target.

You must learn and master to square up your stance if you find yourself misaligned. Choose a target in the distance you want to hit the ball to and hit it. Remove two golf clubs that you rarely use (i.e. three iron and four iron). Take the first club and place it right in the middle of the target step back a few paces to check this). Place the second club on the ground parallel to the first. Take the first club that is aimed towards the target and put it aside. It would help if you had one club parallel to the left of your mark on the ground.

Once you have the club parallel to the goal line on the ground, you may use it as a guide to align your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders squarely. If you aim your body precisely at the ground club and hit the ball to the left of your target, you’ve just discovered that you’re dragging the golf ball, which suggests you’re trying to properly hit the ball too hard with just your arms. If you hit the ball to the right of the target from your square alignment, your body will slide too much laterally during contact, forcing the ball to fly to the right.

It can be frustrated to learn that you are misaligned at first, but don’t think of it as a terrible thing; instead, think of it as a good thing. It’s a positive thing because you now know you have a swing issue and can work on correcting it to improve your golf game in the future.

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