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Learn From Tiger Woods Golf Swing

Golfers used to place less emphasis on fitness as part of their game. Spending time on stretches and exercises that worked out sections of your body that weren’t “golf-specific” seemed pointless.

Then a 20-year-old boy came along and blew all the old golfers out of the water, hitting 180 mph balls off the tee. Tiger Woods’ era has arrived.

Suddenly, everyone wanted to know how Tiger Woods’ golf swing worked. He had a distinct approach to things, and this young golfer will eventually revolutionise the way we train and play.

There’s more to the swing than just the mechanics. Let’s examine what makes Tiger Woods’ golf swing so reliable.

It’s All About Staying In Shape
Tiger’s ability to swing like that is due to his flexibility and strength. Look no further than Tiger Woods for proof that a robust overall fitness programme to increase strength and flexibility is necessary for a great golf swing.

Golf, according to Tiger Woods, is a full-body sport. That’s why he adheres to a strict training regimen that encompasses the entire body rather than simply golf-specific activities. As part of his golf practise routine, he has always advocated for weight training and stretching.

It’s All About the Power
Tiger makes the most of every ounce of energy he has. When he swings, he twists his body quickly while gently pushing his right leg forward (his back leg). As a result, there is no swinging with energy waste. All of the potential energy he’s built up in the backswing is unleashed, and it hits the full ball force.

Because he has a strong core, he is capable of doing so. The science of biomechanics has taught us how all of the body’s elements work together to produce a decent golf swing. Your lower body and torso make up your core. When you hit a golf ball, your core acts as an axis around which the rest of your body rotates.

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